Council thanks commuters for cycling to work


With over 35 commuters signing up to the council’s cycle to work day, pedal power has certainly gripped Cheltenham.

Cllr Max Wilkinson, walking and cycling member champion said: “It was really great to see so many people on their bikes for cycle to work day, because commuting by bike helps to build exercise into your day and reduces congestion on our roads.

“It also means that people are getting out of their cars, which helps to reduce pollution and improve air quality to help the most vulnerable people in our town.

“I’m proud that the council is leading by example on this and so many councillors and officers took part in the event – I hope more and more people will start cycling to work.”

A novice rider Claire Cook, council employee, was accompanied by a ‘Bike Buddy’ from Sustrans, a UK Sustainable transport charity said: “I was really nervous about riding into work but having spoken to colleagues and my Sustrans bike buddy I felt supported and I had a really good time, I’m glad I made the effort, who knows it may become a regular thing”.

Setting off from Charlton Kings area, managing director for place and economic development, Tim Atkins said: “As a council we are responsible for promoting active and sustainable travel, reducing emissions and making Cheltenham a healthier and greener place to live and work and sometimes we have to lead by example. Cllr Wilkinson and I were really pleased with the high turnout, joining us on our everyday commute.  Our ambition is to encourage people to use their bikes as part of their daily routine and enjoy the far reaching benefits from this healthy and cost effective activity”.

Cycle to work day is just one of the measures the council is taking to support its staff travel plan.