Gloucestershire Constabulary urges residents to remain vigilant following Manchester terror attack


Following the change to the threat level last night, officers have been working through the night to assess the situation and the impact on Gloucestershire.

Chief Constable Rod Hansen says people should not be unnecessarily alarmed: “As I am sure you are aware, last night the Prime Minister raised the threat level to critical.  This means experts have assessed the situation and they believe that not only does an attack remain highly likely but a further attack may be imminent.

“As a result of this change, Operation Temperer was actioned which means the police service can ask for support from the military.  There has been some confusion this morning in the media about what that means.  To help clarify the situation, these are the facts:

  • Operation Temperer – the mobilisation plan for military support to the police service following a major terrorist attack – has been initiated.
  • Military personnel can be deployed alongside the police at nominated sites nationally to provide additional protective security.  This does not mean we will see military personnel deployed to the streets of Gloucestershire.
  • Nationally, any military personnel under this mobilisation will be under the command and control of the police service.
  • The change in personnel is to ensure that more police officers are available to be deployed.

“I’m sure you would expect us to do everything possible to prevent further atrocities from taking place and this is in line with that commitment.  We are continuing to review our plans and are working with the organisers of some high profile events to ensure a visible police presence across the county and everyone’s safety over the coming days and beyond.

“Terrorists want to create discord, distrust and fear.  We are asking the public to be alert but not alarmed.  However, we need our communities to help us defeat terrorism.  We depend on information from you to be our eyes and ears, in our efforts to keep us all safe.  If you are concerned, please dial 999 immediately or call the anti-terror hotline 0800 789321.

“Acts of terrorism and hate crimes are committed by a small minority of people and are not representative of the public. This is a time for us all to work closely together and unite against those who seek, through violence and extremism, to intimidate or cause fear.

“Finally, I want to again express my condolences to the families of the victims who lost their lives or those who suffered injury.  In response, we continue to see remarkable acts of humanity, courage and support.  I extend my sincere thanks to everyone involved in the operation so far and admire the officers and staff at Greater Manchester Police for their highly professional response.  Gloucestershire Constabulary is supporting the national effort and will continue to do so but please be reassured that our main focus is to keep the people of Gloucestershire safe.”