Gloucestershire Hospice Director addresses Westminster on end of life care funding


Elise Hoadley, Hospice Director at Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice, is taking the message of equal access to end of life care funding to the heart of Westminster this week, giving evidence at the Public Accounts Committee hearing on Continuing Healthcare.

Top of Elise’s agenda is outlining problems with the current funding system and putting forward where changes could help people in the UK with a life limiting condition access the end of life care they need at the time they need it most.

Elise said, “Currently we are seeing a real variation between different parts of the country in how quickly people can access Fast Track Continuing Healthcare funding. This is the funding which is really important to making sure people at the end of their life receive the care they need.”

“Sue Ryder is one of a handful of charities who have been asked to give evidence in person at the inquiry to help MPs understand how the Continuing Healthcare System is working on the ground for people at the end of their life. I am honoured to be speaking to MPs about how the system works for the families we at Sue Ryder support, helping to inform any recommendations the committee might make to government.”

Elise adds, “Inequality in accessing this funding across the country means some people are not getting decisions about their care made quickly enough or when decisions are made there are delays in implementing that care, either because there are not enough care agencies locally who can provide care at home or there are no spaces in nursing homes. All this comes at a point when time is very precious to people and their families.”

“Ultimately this means that there is a lack of capacity in the community to look after people in their own homes in many parts of the country, when for many people their dying wish is to be at home surrounded by familiar surroundings and those they love.”

“Having a good death is so important. I have seen first-hand the comfort it can bring to family and friends left behind to know their loved one was cared for and supported in a way they chose. We only have one chance to get that right, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to address the committee and share our experiences.”

Elise will be presenting evidence on behalf of Sue Ryder. You will be able to follow what is being said in the committee room as she gives evidence in person via the Public Accounts Committee website here (link), from 2.30pm on Wednesday 1st November.

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