How To Improve The Look Of Your Office Space


You go to work every day and may not notice what your office looks like to an outsider.

You’re used to the interior and probably don’t think much about it. It’s time to consider your office atmosphere and what image you’re projecting to clients.

Consider ways to make your office space more appealing. Be proud of where you work and create an environment you want to show off to potential customers and current clients. It’s not as difficult as you think to do. It takes a little planning and some time to execute, but you’ll get there with the right attitude. See how to improve the look of your office space.

Marketing Collateral

Make it look like a business when someone walks into your office. Have information nicely displayed for their taking. Use a free online brochure maker to create an eye-catching pamphlet that highlights your products or services. It’s easy to do, and you don’t need to hire a professional designer. Pick a size and shape, theme, branded images and come up with your text. Print them off and create an attractive display on the receptionist desk or hang them on the wall.

Waiting Area

Give your customers a nice place to wait when they arrive early to their appointment. Have chairs and a table, and offer them drinking water. Include magazines for them to browse through and maybe even have a television in the room. Your goal is to create a comfortable and cozy space for customers to wait for you. The waiting room is also a chance to make a great first impression.


Nothing is worse than walking into an office with blank walls. It’s cold and uninviting. Find some beautiful artwork to hang throughout the office or pictures that speak to your business. Use it as a chance to show your clients your interests and that you care about how your space looks. It’s the thought that counts in this case.


Include fresh flowers and plants throughout your office. It’s a nice touch that brings life to the space. Include other decorative bowls and fixtures of your choosing. Keep it tasteful and clean. Don’t overdo it or create a mess trying to cram too many items into a small area. Make sure the lighting is appropriate for all times of the day. The more natural light, the better, but when you have to use indoor lights put them on a dimmer switch and add a few lamps.


Remove any old, worn-out carpet or old vinyl flooring. Install brand new attractive carpet or hardwood floors. The flooring will brighten up the space and make it look cleaner. If you can’t afford new flooring, put down a bright and cheerful area rug and get the floors professionally cleaned. Whatever you do, make sure there aren’t any dust bunnies flying around when you have clients visiting.


You should want to care about the look of your office. A few small changes will make a big difference. This is how to improve the look of your office space.