Jungle Book comes to life in local park


SPTM Big Local is proud to announce the arrival of The Jungle Book in Elmfield Park, off Elmfield Road, Cheltenham on Saturday 5 August 2017.

This free outdoor theatre performance is being put on by Jenny Wren Productions and her amazing cast of actors. Using the park as the back drop for the original Kipling story, this adaptation is suitable for families with school aged children and above.

The event has been put together by local residents who live in the Elmfield Park area.

Claire Bateman, event lead, says “This event is an idea I have had for a long time and it’s finally a reality thanks to the support of SPTM Big Local. The Jungle Book performance will be for some their first opportunity to experience the excitement of live theatre and we hope everyone will enjoy it.”

David Manohar, chair of the SPTM Big Local, added “This is a fantastic event to be happening in our area, something very different and exciting; SPTM Big Local encourages such ideas from the community. We are delighted to support Claire with this event and the bringing together of people to share in a positive experience”

The event will be open from 4pm for the performance to start at 5pm. Attendees are encourage to bring a picnic, seating and blankets to enjoy this summer’s evening activity in comfort.