Number of off-licences fail test purchase operation in Gloucester


More than half of the off-licences targeted in a police operation in Gloucester sold alcoholic drinks to underage teenagers.

The test purchase operation took place yesterday (20 June) with a total of 25 premises visited across Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham.

Underage police cadets attempt to buy alcohol to try and gauge whether local businesses are being responsible and abiding by licensing law.

Operations like this happen regularly and the cadets are accompanied by two undercover officers, who observe what happens.

Yesterday two 16-year-old cadets and one 17-year-old cadet took part in the operation.

The test purchaser never lies about their age and does not produce any ID if asked.

A total of five out of eight premises tested in Gloucester failed meaning the businesses will be visited by police again to deal with the offences.

Eight premises in Stroud were tested along with nine in Cheltenham – all of these passed the test.

Police Constable Matt Hammond, who was in charge of the Gloucester City operation, said he was disappointed with the number of premises which sold to underage customers.

He added: “We will be progressing these offences with the management of these premises.”