The Only Souvenirs You Should Take Home with You


Travel is one of the best parts of life. It doesn’t matter if you only travel to the next town over or you go to see the world.

The gift of travel is one that any man should be exalted to receive, even if that gift is only the means and ability to take time off work and go. When you travel, you are free. You are there as a student and as a global citizen, learning about the places you go and the people who live there. When you’re gone, however, it can be very tempting to take back souvenirs.


The problem with many souvenirs is not just the challenge of bringing things back in your suitcase, but in some cases the damage it causes. Taking a small souvenir from the beach, for instance, might not seem harmful, but you are removing a crucial component of an eco-system and displacing a beautiful part of the scenery. Similarly, buying souvenirs from cheap shops can also be necessitating and furthering poor working conditions for adults or even children. Instead of buying the cheap, silly souvenirs or removing nature, take these souvenirs home instead:


  1. Photographs

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photographs. All you need is a good eye and some patience. These photographs are the perfect and best souvenir you can take home with you. Don’t worry if your phone gets damaged on your travels, you can use a cellphone data recovery service and save your pictures.


  1. Videos

Just as you can take some incredible photos with your cellphone, you can also take video. Take enough footage, and you will be able to create a beautiful movie of your times abroad. There are two kinds of footage you should take – the first is the clips that show your journey. This means videos of you and your friends, the things you do, and some cool things you see along the way. You should also take “B Roll” footage, which means filming establishing shots and other, secondary footage to fill your movie.


  1. A Journal

Photographs and videos are great for memory recollection, however, if you truly want to capture the journey, you go on you need to keep a detailed journal. This could be paper, it could be on a notes app on your phone, and it could even be video.


  1. Support Locals

When you do purchase souvenirs, try to buy directly from the locals instead of corporations. This will help their economy and support the artists of the community. These souvenirs will likely be more expensive, but they’re worth it.


Don’t be destructive to the places that you visit by taking pieces of nature or even historic sites home with you. Instead, be respectful, and try to only take home with you the memories of the great times that you have shared. When you do want to buy a souvenir, try to stick to local artists. Be a conscious traveler, and enjoy all that the world has to offer.