Upgrades to parking machines in Cheltenham


Cheltenham car park users are reminded that parking machine upgrades to accommodate the new £1 coin are due to be completed over the next two weeks.

For a short amount of time, it is advisable to have old £1 coins, or alternative small change to hand, as work continues to upgrade the payment machines.

Alternatively, car park users can use PayByPhone to pay for parking in the council-owned car parks across Cheltenham.

Pay-by phone parking is becoming increasingly popular with residents, workers and visitors who use the council’s car parks due to ease and convenience. Customers can choose to pay using the PayByPhone smartphone app, mobile website, SMS (text message) or automated phone line.

Cabinet member for built environment, Councillor Andrew McKinlay said:  “Cashless parking is increasingly popular with customers using our car parks, as it’s both convenient and flexible.  Once registered with the service, customers no longer need to search for change when paying to park their car. They can receive a text alert when their parking session is due to expire, giving them the option to extend their stay without returning to the car, reducing the risk of receiving a penalty charge notice.

“The added benefit is that this technology reduces the council’s costs of cash collecting and the maintenance of expensive parking machines.”

Users of the service need to register a few details to get started, they can do this online in advance or by downloading the PayByPhone parking app, or calling 01242 330 330 whilst in the car park.  Registration is only needed once; all vehicle and contact details are then stored securely for each use of the PayByPhone system. Customers can also access their VAT receipts and manage their account online.

There is a small additional charge for using this service which varies depending on the total parking charge per car park. The Council doesn’t make any extra money from customers choosing to use this service.