7 Money-Saving Travel Tips to Read Before Your Holiday


Travelling can be anything but cheap. However, there is no reason to go into debt to enjoy a fun holiday alone or with your loved ones. With a little bit of research, careful timing, and effective planning, you could decrease your expenditure to top up your holiday money.

If you want to enjoy a fantastic trip for a fraction of the cost, here are seven money-saving travel tips to read before you book a holiday.

  1. Wait for a Hotel Upgrade

Rather than paying full price for a sea view or premium apartment, simply wait until you arrive at a hotel and ask for an upgrade. Hotels will want you to have an enjoyable stay with them, so use this to your advantage and ask for a free room upgrade when checking in. The worst that can happen is they will say no.

  1. Consider a Private Hostel Room Over a Hotel

Many people do not consider booking a hostel, as they will not want to sleep with many strangers in one room during a stay. However, some hostels can provide private rooms with a bathroom, which can be much cheaper than booking a hotel. Some even come with fresh bed linen every day, free Wi-Fi, and a TV.

  1. Pick the Perfect Airport Parking Spot

Contrary to popular belief, not all airport parking prices are the same. Reduce your travel expenses by browsing the best deals available for different onsite car parks. For example, if you are travelling to a destination from London, use a comparison tool to compare parking at Gatwick, so that you can get the best price for Heathrow or Gatwick airport parking.

  1. Avoid Dining in Tourist Areas

If you dine in a tourist area, expect to experience average food that is double the price. Dining away from a popular area will allow you to enjoy delicious food at a much more affordable price. If you do so each day, then you could save a substantial amount of cash throughout your holiday.

  1. Dine at an Expensive Restaurant for Lunch

If you are eager to dine at an expensive restaurant, the best time to do so will be during lunch. Many offer a more affordable lunch menu that might be better suited to your budget. While it might have fewer choices to choose from, you will still be able to take your pick from great dishes that won’t break the bank.

  1. Visit a Local Tourist Office for Great Discounts

Make great savings during your holiday by visiting a local tourist office. For example, the likes of London Tourism and New York Tourism can provide visitors with cards that will provide free entry or discounts on various attractions, tours, and restaurants.

  1. Never Pay for Wi-Fi

If your hotel charges you for Wi-Fi, don’t pay it. Simply visit a local library, Starbucks or a nearby café to use their free Wi-Fi. So, you will not need to pay an expensive amount to use the internet to check your email, catch-up with the latest news, or browse social media.


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