How to Increase Employee Morale


The morale of your workforce is essential if you want to create the most productive environment. If your employees are happy with their workloads and the office environment, then they are less likely to feel that their work is a chore. Low morale is a brand-killer, and it can lead to a reduced level of employee collaboration, reduced productivity, and will ultimately result in missed deadlines and high staff turnover. The idea that employee happiness and job satisfaction is highly linked to the success of a business means that you should always have a focus on the morale of every member of the team. Luckily, there are some simple ways to maximise employee morale and keep your business running smoothly.


Celebrate positive achievements


Although your business is no doubt always looking to the future, take time to reflect on what exactly your team has achieved. If you make it a priority to recognise employee accomplishments, they will feel much more appreciated and it can even encourage others to work more positively. It’s easy to notice poor work, and this must, of course, be addressed as well. However, if you fail to recognise the quality achievements of your employees, then they will feel unappreciated, and less likely to work hard toward their work goals. Encourage and motivate your workforce with appreciation, and you can even look at giving hard-working team members a range of motivating rewards as well.


Improve the office space


One of the most underappreciated aspects of employee morale is the physical space that they work in. Poor lighting, uncomfortable seating and cramped desk spaces can all add up to an unpleasant and demoralising work environment. It’s important that people feel comfortable as they work, and you will increase the work rate if your team is not distracted by too much noise or discomfort. Consider an office overhaul if needed, and make use of a professional office redesign, such as those from, to get the most of your workspace. The more professional and comfortable your office environment is, the higher your staff morale will be.


Offer charitable time off


This has become a growing trend in the business world. The notion of taking paid days off to work at the charity of your employee’s choice is becoming a common sight on job advertisements around the world. It is a good investment for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it can be a massive boost to your employee camaraderie, helping to build those working relationships that will lead to greater collaboration and friendly relationships in the workspace. Secondly, this kind of work scheme reflects well on your business, and employees will be encouraged by your commitment to the causes that are receiving the benefit of this initiative.


There are many areas that you can look at that can improve the morale of your team. Look for unique methods, but always make sure that your work environment is optimised for maximum comfort and ease of work. Focus on morale, and your business will show positive gains as a result.